Lavender Essential Oil and Floral Water

Oregon, Pacific Northwest Grown

At Violet Valley Soap and Lavender Shoppe, we grow and harvest lavender on our small farm in St Helens, Oregon. We grow two primary varieties, Grosso and Provence. We produce 100% pure lavender essential oil and floral water (aka hydrosol), onsite. We do this using the process of steam distillation, which is the simplest and gentlest method of extraction. We utilize a small still made of stainless steel, optimized for essential oil production and hand made in Yamhill County, Oregon. We distill the flowerets in small batches to ensure a high level of quality in our final product.

Our Grosso and Provence lavender belong to the species Lavandula x intermedia, also known as Lavandin or French lavender. These varieties of lavender are high in camphor owing to its strong, lasting scent and invigorating qualities.  In addition, its cleaning properties are widely recognized. As a result, Grosso and Provence are more commonly used in bath and body as well as cleaning products than for medicinal purposes.