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Lavender Essential Oil, Grosso | Violet Valley

Lavender Essential Oil, Grosso (5ml, 10ml)

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Oregon, Pacific Northwest Grown


Our 100% pure Grosso lavender essential oil is distilled from the Grosso lavender plant which belongs to the species Lavandula x intermedia, also known as Lavandin or French lavender.  The flower is a deep purple.  Grosso is very fragrant with a strong long-lasting scent. It is the most common variety of lavender used in essential oil production as it has the highest oil content of all lavenders.  Grosso has a stronger fragrance with more woody undertones than our Provence variety.


Grosso lavender buds and flowerets transformed into essential oil by means of steam distillation 


  • Wonderful fragrance
  • Soothing, Comforting and Calming effects
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Eases stress
  • Aids with sleep
  • Relieves minor pain
  • Antiseptic 

Common uses:

  • Add to homemade products such as soaps, lotions, bath salts and massage oil
  • Add a few drops to your diffuser to fill the air in your home with the scent of lavender
  • Add a few drops to a bucket of mop water for fragrance and antiseptic cleaning qualities
  • Add a couple drops to your pillow and bedding for a better night sleep
  • Add a few drops to your bath, lay back and relax
  • Add a few drops on a washcloth or dryer ball and throw it in your dryer to infuse your clothing and towels with the scent of lavender
  • Add a few drops to a bottle of water and use it as a spritzer to freshen your linens and clothing (we also sell hydrosol for the same purpose) 


We ship our oil in amber bottles to protect it from UV rays thus increasing its shelf life. After you receive your essential oil, we recommend storing it in a dark cool location to further prolong its life.

Other Information:

Net Wt. 5ml, 10ml

Although lavender has a long history of proven benefits, we cannot guarantee you will experience positive outcomes from using the product as everyone’s physiology differs.

We cannot offer medical advice or guarantee health outcomes. If you are considering using our products for medicinal purposes, please consult first with a healthcare professional.

Our lavender essential oil is 100% pure, thus highly concentrated. Don’t apply directly to skin without first diluting. If skin irritation or allergic reaction occurs, discontinue its use immediately. Lavender oil can have toxic effects when consumed, so do not ingest unless you have first consulted with a healthcare professional.

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